Just For Existing Customers

This Calendar is for existing Local Siren Clients who would like to schedule a call with our team to discuss their account, review progress, make changes or something else.

Local Siren Discovery Call

General Discovery Call - Let's see if we are a right fit for each other! You can also select this option if you want to schedule a general call with us. Don't forget to visit LocalSiren.com to learn more about our services.

Product Training session

Pick a time to chat with one of our experts. Attend a training + SAVING TIME Rather than spending hours trying out your software and reading documentation, just spend thirty minutes attending a training, getting answers to your questions and having a true expert help you to customize the product to your specific needs and workflow.

Google Citations Business Listings Call

**Our Presence Engine Accelerates Online to Offline Visibility** Local Siren's award winning ***Local Presence Management hub*** helps ensure the accuracy and visibility of your business’ location information on top search engines, directories, apps and social networks. It has the power to connect businesses with consumers at the nationally local and hyper local levels. Our use of our combined analytics and local search technology makes location management and optimization easier and smarter than ever before.

Google Business Profile Optimization Call

Optimizing your Google Business Profile is essential for the success of your online presence. Through a Local Siren optimization discussion call, you can learn how to make the most of this valuable tool and ensure that your business is visible to potential customers. During an optimization discussion call, you will receive guidance on how to update and improve your Google Business Profile. This can include adding or updating information such as your business hours, contact information, and website link, as well as ensuring that your business is accurately categorized and has a compelling description. Furthermore, an optimization discussion call can provide insights into how to make your Google Business Profile stand out from the competition. This can include tips on how to generate and respond to reviews, how to post engaging content and photos, and how to use features like Google My Business Messaging to connect with customers. Through an optimization discussion call, you can also learn how to track and analyze the performance of your Google Business Profile. This can involve understanding key metrics such as search visibility, engagement rates, and conversion rates, and using this information to continually improve your online presence. In summary, a Google Business Profile optimization discussion call Local Siren is a valuable opportunity to learn how to make the most of your online presence and reach more potential customers. By implementing the insights and recommendations provided during the call, you can ensure that your business is visible, engaging, and successful in today's digital marketplace.


GET FOUND LOCALLY FASTER Local Siren increases your online visibility for relevant keywords. We increase your prominence in local, national and product searches in a fraction the time than traditional SEO. Local Siren helps local small businesses show up on the first page of Google with the keywords and locations that matter most in weeks not months. Getting found on search engines has never been easier. You choose the keywords and location combinations that are most relevant and our technology builds landing pages made to rank in a few clicks. The Local Siren Proximity Boost, as we like to call it, is then added to optimize your Google Business Profile increasing local visibility and the best part: more customers to your business. WHAT DO LOCAL SMALL BUSINESSES WANT TO SEE? • More phone calls • Direction requests • More website clicks.

E-Commerce Website Questions

Need assistance with your E-Commerce site? Add-Ons, Edits, Customizations, Redesign, Something Else? We got you! Please use this meeting option.

Website Maintenance - Blogs, Edits, Content Expansion and Tech Stuff - why you need them

The implementation of website updates, revisions and content expansion is crucial for the optimal functioning and success of any digital platform. These ongoing improvements allow for a more dynamic and engaging experience for users, promoting greater interaction and retention rates. Website updates encompass a wide range of modifications, from aesthetic adjustments to technical fixes, all of which are designed to enhance the website's user interface and overall functionality. Regular website updates guarantee that the website stays up-to-date with the latest web standards, ensuring that users have access to the latest technology, features and capabilities. The editing process plays a key role in maintaining the quality and accuracy of a website's content. Consistent updates and revisions help to prevent factual inaccuracies and outdated information, creating a reliable and trustworthy source of information for users. In addition, the expansion of website content allows for increased exposure and a wider range of offerings. New pages, blog posts, and multimedia content provide users with fresh and valuable information, encouraging repeat visits and longer session durations. By regularly expanding and updating content, a website can maintain its relevance and stay ahead of competitors. In conclusion, implementing regular updates, revisions and content expansion is critical to maintaining a high-quality and engaging website. By doing so, businesses and organizations can increase user interaction, improve their online reputation, and stay ahead in today's digital marketplace.

Local Siren Online Reputation Management Software Platform Demo

Discover an easier way to collect feedback from your customers. Monitor what is being said about your business on 3rd party sites like Facebook, Google, Yelp and many more. All from a single platform.

ADA & WCAG Compliance Audit

**WANT TO SEE IF YOUR BUSINESS'S WEBSITE IS ADA & WCAG COMPLIANT?** Becoming ADA & WCAG compliant simply means making your site more accessible . . Did you know that having an accessible website is so important that Google gives it more relevance than one that isn’t accessible? So by not having an accessible website for disabled people, you could be losing out on a ton of potential customers which means losing out on more potential revenue. Just another reason to get your web content to be ADA Compliant now!

Visibility Report Review

Let's use this time to discuss your visibility report and what you need to do to rank higher on google search. Get found by your new customers easier.

Website - SEO Discussion

Need a new website that makes you look great? Need more traffic to your website? Are you ranking higher than your competitors?